Privacy in Practice: Library Public Services and the Intersection of Personal Ideals


  • Claudine Taillac Jackson County Library Services



library patron privacy, library user confidentiality, library personally identifiable information, library readers advisory, library minor access card, library privacy and holds, library youth privacy, library user privacy policy


Anonymity. Confidentiality. Privacy. These similar, yet distinct, concepts require nuance in a setting that is both public and highly personal. Your public library is just that: yours but also public. How do these concepts and the way individuals value them personally become reconciled within the library, a public institution that both safeguards and shares information? How do the privacy rights of adults and children, guardians and intimate partners, intersect and diverge at the library?


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Author Biography

Claudine Taillac, Jackson County Library Services

Claudine Taillac (she/her) is the Assistant Director of Public Services at Jackson County Library Services. In addition to Oregon, she has worked in public libraries in Arizona and California, with focuses on outreach, early literacy, circulation, and adult services, as well as special collections and archives projects. Outside of work, she spends as much time as possible enjoying nature with her partner, skiing, hiking, backpacking, biking, kayaking, and paddleboarding.




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Taillac, C. (2022). Privacy in Practice: Library Public Services and the Intersection of Personal Ideals. OLA Quarterly, 27(1), 6–11.