Teaching Emotional Intelligence Online: The Sociology of Discussion Boards


online discussion boards
Sociological approach
Emotional Intelligence

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Arnaud, V., & Sun, Y. (2021). Teaching Emotional Intelligence Online: The Sociology of Discussion Boards. The Northwest ELearning Journal, 1(1). https://doi.org/10.5399/osu/nwelearn.1.1.5609


Student engagement in an online class has always been a challenge to faculty. We all know that online courses can be difficult for some students, and online discussions do not always turn out as planned. How do we maximize our online communication effectiveness? In a case study of an Emotional Intelligence course in a community college setting, we looked at this through a sociological lens and built on the perspective of socialization theories and conceptions to see students quickly become engaged in discussions with their classmates and openly share their concerns. Data was analyzed and lessons learned.

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